Roll faq


What is Roll?

Roll is an app that gives you access to your favorite creator's camera roll…kind of. You won't see their actual camera roll, but you'll unlock all of the behind-the-scenes content that most other fans will never get to see. Ever wonder how David created that huge foam explosion in his backyard or how Sommer Ray prepares for photoshoots? Now you can get a glance into their lives.

What happens once I subscribe to a creator?

Once you subscribe to a creator, you'll be able to see all of the content that they post to their roll for the next 30 days. Since Roll is a subscription app, your monthly payments will continue to process until you cancel them through your settings.

What do I do if I don't see my favorite creator on Roll?

Let us know! We're very selective about who we let onto the platform, but if we see enough demand for a certain creator, we'll do our best to get them on. Don't forget to hit them up on social and let them know about us.

What happens if a creator changes their monthly price while I'm subscribed to them?

Sometimes creators change their prices (increase or decrease), but don't worry! If one of your subscriptions updates their pricing, you'll get a push notification that will require you to accept the new pricing. If you choose not to, it will automatically unsubscribe your account and you'll be good to go after the current billing cycle ends.

Is Roll family-friendly?

Absolutely, 100%. This was one of our biggest focuses when building the app. We wanted somewhere that was free of any adult content, where users and creators felt comfortable.

Is my credit card information safe on Roll?

Security is another huge area of focus for us. We have a custom integration with Stripe that allows us to manage your payment information securely and efficiently. If you have more questions about who Stripe is, check out:

How did you come up with the idea for Roll?

The team behind Roll has a lot of experience in consumer technology. We can't say any specifics, but we've collectively built and launched multiple products with various creators that have gained tens of millions of users. So when we all sat down in the winter of 2020, we knew we had to build something to help our friends in the creator space. With Roll, creators can take ownership of their revenue and reduce their dependence on brand partnerships. This is a big deal for them. And they get a really cool way to connect with their amazing fans, like you! So it's a win-win.

How do I update payment information?

Within the app, click the menu in the upper right corner. This will open up a few options, one of those being "wallet." If you select this, you'll be redirected to a web portal where you can update all your payment info.

How do I unsubscribe from a creator?

Once you're in the specific creator's roll, you simply click the 3 dots in the upper right corner. This will open the option to unsubscribe and you're all set!

How do I get notified when someone I subscribe to posts new content?

Once you're in the specific creator's roll, you simply click the 3 dots in the upper right corner. This will open the option to unsubscribe and you're all set!

Where can I find Roll's privacy policy and terms?

All of our terms and conditions can be found at and our privacy policy can be found at

Which creators have Roll Accounts?

We have a ton of amazing talent on Roll already. A few of them include Sommer Ray, David Dobrik, Tana Mongeau, and more. To discover them all, go to your home screen and scroll through our 20+ creators.

Does Roll Offer a free trial?

We don’t currently offer free trials, but we do allow each creator to submit a few pieces of teaser content. If you click into a creator profile, the top three pictures and videos are free samples of what type of content you can expect.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the content?

All purchases on Roll are final and non-refundable. If you do choose to unsubscribe from a creator’s account, you’ll be charged for that month only.

Media inquiries

Please email any media inquiries to


I am unable to login to my account.

Please check your email to see if your account has been flagged as suspicious or restricted. If you have a Terms of Service violation, your account may be closed. If you had a previous account on Roll with a violation, your new account may be restricted or closed. If you believe you have been mistakenly flagged, please contact support ( with any evidence or information that will allow us to review your situation.

Deleting your account

Deleting your account is easy. Within the app, go to settings, select account, and click delete account.

Once your account is deleted all subscriptions will be suspended and your account will no longer be charged. Keep in mind, once you delete your account you won’t be able to restore your purchase and you’ll have to create a new account.

What to do if you suspect your account has been accessed by someone else?

If you suspect your account has been accessed by another party, please login and attempt to change your password immediately. Otherwise, delete your account and contact


Why subscribe

Subscribing to a Creator gives you exclusive access to private content being posted by that Creator.

Roll releases new features regularly.

How to subscribe

  • Add a valid credit card to your account
  • Tap "Subscribe" on the profile you wish to subscribe to
  • Tapping "Subscribe" will charge your credit card
  • Clicking "Subscribe" on a free account will not charge your credit card
  • A completed Subscription will instantly unlock the content in that profile including all previous posts and all future posts during the subscription period
  • Subscription periods are 30 days from the date of purchase

Finding a profile

To discover new creators navigate to the home screen of the app. Unsubscribed creators are listed under the discover more section.

Additional search functionalities are in the works and will become available soon.

I’m unable to subscribe to a creator

In order to successfully subscribe to a Creator account, the following must be completed:

  • Create an account through the iOS or Android application.
  • Link a valid credit card to your account.

Cancel a subscription

  • Subscriptions are non-refundable.
  • You can unsubscribe from a creator at any time. You will still be billed for the full subscription, and you will have access to the Creator’s profile until the end of the subscription.
  • Visit “your rolls” section of the home screen to see all of your active subscriptions. You can unsubscribe if you would like to hide that Creator’s posts from your Feed (unsubscribing does not refund your purchase).
  • You will be able to Follow that profile again during the Subscription period without being re-billed.

Auto-renewal subscriptions

Subscriptions are set to auto-renew by default.

Subscriptions may not auto-renew if:

  • Your credit card was declined
  • If the subscription price has increased

Please review your account, make sure you have a valid credit card added and try to subscribe again.

Chargebacks / Credit Card Disputes If a User seeks a chargeback or dispute from their credit card company, the User’s access to Roll may be discontinued or limited. If you believe your account has been limited in error, please contact support. Any amounts that Users seek to refund or chargeback will be reported to the Creator and will be removed from the Creator’s income.


Purchases are final and non-refundable. You may unsubscribe for any reason, at any time, to ensure that you will not be billed for that subscription again.

Can Creators See Who Follows Them?

No, they can’t. You get a fan number that is assigned, and the only way that you can reveal your identity is with a manual name change.

How Does a Roll Subscription Work?

A creator’s content is hidden until you subscribe to them, for the price they set. You then get access to everything they share.

Does Roll Show on a Bank Statement?

When you make a purchase on Roll you input your card details, and your bank sends a security code to your phone to check if the purchase is verified by you.

Once you use that code and complete the purchase, your card statement will list the purchase as being made to Roll.

When Does Roll Charge You as a Subscriber?

Once you agree to a transaction with a creator you make a credit card transaction for automatic payment to the creator’s Roll account.


Accepted payment methods

  • Accepted:
    • Visa/MasterCard
    • Discover
    • Maestro/ Debit cards
    • Some Prepaid Visa cards
  • Not accepted:
    • Prepaid cards
    • Gift cards
    • PayPal

How does a Roll transaction appear on my credit card statement?

The credit card descriptors will say: "roll" or "" or some variation, but will always have "Roll" in the descriptor.

Transactions / Charges

Our prices appear in USD only. The currency conversion is done at the bank level and not by

All credit card charges are in USD. We use a secure and encrypted third-party payment processor to complete transactions. You may need to confirm your purchase with additional temporary verification code or SMS code during the billing process.

Pending charges

Pending charges may temporarily appear on your statement if you have had multiple, unsuccessful purchase attempts. Pending charges disappear from your card automatically between 5-7 days. Please wait at least 7 days for the pending charge to disappear before contacting support.

Failed charges

Roll will retry your transaction up to 3 times.

Failed Transactions may be due to:

  • Incorrectly entered credit card details by you
  • Insufficient funds in your account
  • Incorrect address, zip code or postal code details entered by you
  • Reaching your daily limit set on your account by Roll. Please try again tomorrow, limits reset daily
  • A limit for internet transactions set by your bank or credit card provider. We are unable to provide further information if your banking institution is blocking your purchases. You should inquire with the issuer of your card.
  • If you have used a proxy or VPN to access Roll, your bank may have an IP verification system that may restrict your purchases. You will need to contact your bank to see why your card was declined.

If you believe that the above reasons could not have happened, please remove and re-add your card within the “wallet” section of the settings.